CoPA Triumph at the Warwickshire Synchro Championships

It was a hugely successful day for CoPA yesterday at the Warwickshire Synchronised Swimming Championships in Walsall.  In the 12 & under figures, Natasha placed 3rd to gain a bronze medal and qualifying to swim solo, whilst Daisy finished 1st in the 13 – 15 figures, taking a gold and qualifying to swim solo.  Meanwhile, Rhea finished 2nd in the 15 – 18 figures, taking a silver and qualifying to swim solo.

The solo events yielded more medals with Daisy finishing 1st to take gold in the 13 – 15 age group, whilst Rhea finished 3rd in the 15 – 18 group to take a bronze.  Natasha narrowly missed the podium, finishing 4th in the 12 & under age group with the first swim of a brand new routine.

In the team combination events, the 13 – 18 team (Ana, Isabel, Olivia H., Olivia M., Evie, Izzy, Leah, Rhea and Daisy) took gold for an outstanding first place performance whilst the 12 & under team (Elizabeth, Nema, Sofia, Rachel, Imogen, Natasha, Lola, Jorja and Chloe) followed up with an impressive performance to take a 3rd place bronze medal.

Full results are below.

12 & Under Figures

13-15 Figures

12 & Under Combo

13-18 Combo