NW Routine Grade Results

Congratulations to all the City of Preston Aquatics girls who participated in the first Swim England NW routine grade assessments on Saturday at Irlam.  Continuing CoPA’s impressive 100% success rate, all of the following swimmers passed their grades:

  • Grade 1 Bronze: 

    Katie Harris
    Maddie Jackson
    Jess Lockett

  • Grade 2 Bronze: 

    Abby Litvinski
    Immy Barnes
    Lola Pearce
    Rachel Airey
    Chloe Hawksworth
    Nema Dawkins
    Sofia Danisman

  • Grade 3 Bronze: 

    Elizabeth Brown
    Evie Coupe

  • Grade 3 Silver: 

    Natasha Howard

City of Preston Synchro Elite Squad

A squad of between six and ten synchronised swimmers will be selected for additional training.  Swimmers must already be attending all current club sessions, have a good work ethic, be self-motivated, be prepared to take on extra individual training and be full of enthusiasm!  Current attendance, attitude, results during 2017 and performance in the North West trials will contribute towards selection.

If selected there will be an additional monthly fee of approximately £15 to cover pool hire.

If you are interested and would like to be considered please see Fiona.

Membership Fees

All swimmers should have received a sheet with 2018 fees.  Please can these be paid as soon as possible so that swimmers can be registered for 2018.  Swimmers not registered are not insured for training and will not be able to take grades or enter competitions.

Rhea – Synchro Swimmer of the Year!

Congratulations go to Rhea Howard who was awarded CoPA synchronised ‘Swimmer of the Year’ at the recent CoPA Christmas display event.  Rhea’s dedication and hard work has paid off this year with her qualifying to swim solo at every competitive event she has entered, winning a number of medals and ultimately being selected for the GB Synchronised Swimming Squad.

Support CoPA this Christmas!

As Christmas approaches, you will no doubt be thinking of starting your Christmas shopping.  Please remember to support City of Preston Aquatics in your online shopping by signing up with Easy Fundraising and channelling your donations to CoPA.  This costs you absolutely nothing, but a few minutes spent setting up an account and using it each time you shop online can make a big difference to CoPA funds.  CoPA receives no external funding and exists purely through member subscriptions and any additional funds such as these which can be secured.  Please see the ‘Support CoPA‘ page for full details and help to propel CoPA onwards and upwards!