NW Routine Grade Results

Congratulations to all the City of Preston Aquatics girls who participated in the first Swim England NW routine grade assessments on Saturday at Irlam.  Continuing CoPA’s impressive 100% success rate, all of the following swimmers passed their grades:

  • Grade 1 Bronze: 

    Katie Harris
    Maddie Jackson
    Jess Lockett

  • Grade 2 Bronze: 

    Abby Litvinski
    Immy Barnes
    Lola Pearce
    Rachel Airey
    Chloe Hawksworth
    Nema Dawkins
    Sofia Danisman

  • Grade 3 Bronze: 

    Elizabeth Brown
    Evie Coupe

  • Grade 3 Silver: 

    Natasha Howard

CoPA Synchro Success at the North England Championships

The first ever Swim England North of England championships this weekend yielded some amazing results for City of Preston Aquatics:

  • Daisy impressed with 2 gold medals for her 13-15 figures and solo routine
  • Rhea took bronze medals for both figures and her 15-18 solo routine
  • Rhea and Leah gained silver medals for their 15-18 duet routine
  • The 12 & under free team (Natasha, Elizabeth, Immy, Abby, Lola, Chloe, Rachel, Sofia and Nema) were awarded a silver medal for their ‘Little Monsters‘ routine
  • The full 12 and under figure results were: Natasha 6th, Elizabeth 18th, Sofia 22nd, Immy 23rd, Lola 25th, Rachel 26th, Nema 28th, Abby 31st and Chloe 33rd.
  • Natasha finished 6th in her solo routine.
  • The 13-15 figures were: Daisy 1st and Evie 30th.
  • The 15-18 figures results were: Rhea 3rd and Leah 13th.

Videos of the routines can be found here for logged in members.

It’s called ‘Synchronised Swimming’!

Yesterday the world governing body for synchronised swimming (FINA) decided to change the name of the sport to ‘Artistic Swimming’. Many in the synchro community are upset at this re-naming of their sport without consultation and feel that the new name does nothing to describe the ‘synchronisation’ that forms the foundation of the sport, and neither does it reflect the extreme athleticism, power, strength, flexibility and endurance that has come to be synonymous with the sport. If you wish to voice your opposition to this change of name, please sign the petition below:

Easter and Bank Holiday Pool Closures

There will be no training on the following dates due to Bank holiday closures, coaches being away at Nationals etc:

  • Friday 14th April (Good Friday)
  • Saturday 15th April (Elite)
  • Monday 17th April (Easter Monday)
  • Friday 21st April (most coaches away at Nationals)
  • Saturday 22nd April (Elite) (Fiona away at Nationals)
  • Monday 1st May (May Day Bank Holiday)

There will be training at the usual times on Tuesday 18th April (20:15 start) and Monday 24th April.