CoPACorona Lockdown

As we are all excited for our return to the pools, we thought it would be appropriate to share a reminder of how CoPA as a club have been keeping active and practising our skills during the lockdown. CoPA have ably substituted the weekly land and pool sessions for ‘virtual’ online training sessions, led by Fiona, every single week since lockdown began. There have been 104 Zoom sessions to date! Well done to our swimmers who have shown their mettle in these trying times and worked every bit as hard during lockdown as they did in the water! In fact, as a result of these sessions there have been some very noticeable improvements in skill and stamina amongst our swimmers which we hope can now be put to good use in routines as we return to the pool.

Huge thanks go to Fiona for her time and dedication in keeping the club running at full pace during these difficult times. Everyone at CoPA greatly appreciates her efforts.

Some of CoPA’s lockdown highlights and swimmers’ improvements can be seen below.

CoPA Hat Challenge!

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