Collection Bags

Clothing collection bags are again being distributed amongst club members to request donations of unwanted items for charity which will benefit our club financially when they are weighed in.  Please see Theresa to request a bag.  The next two scheduled collection dates are Thursday 27th April 2017 and Monday 16th October 2017, so please hand any filled bags to Theresa by these dates.

The bags may be used to collect the following:

  • Good quality men’s, ladies’ and children’s clothing
  • Paired shoes (tied together or elastic band around)
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Handbags
  • Ties
  • Soft toys

Please do NOT include any of the following:

  • Duvets, bedding, household linen
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Carpets, rugs and mats (including bath, shower and toilet mats)
  • Curtains
  • Towels
  • Soiled or wet clothing
  • School uniform
  • Corporate clothing or work wear
  • Shredded or mutilated textile  material
  • Textile off-cuts, yarns or threaded material

Thanks for supporting our club.

NW Regional Squads

Congratulations to those CoPA swimmers who took part in yesterday’s North West athlete development trials.  All of our swimmers managed to obtain a place on either the Elite or Development squads.

The following CoPA swimmers made the NW Elite Squad:

  • Daisy Rushton
  • Rhea Howard
  • Tilly Hadcock
  • Leah Meyer
  • Isabel Clayton
  • Sophie Mills
  • Olivia Mills
  • Natasha Howard

The following  CoPA swimmers made the NW Development Squad:

  • Gracie Thomas
  • Isabel Gullick
  • Evie Coupe
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Nema Dawkins
  • Imogen Barnes

Please see this document for full details and results breakdown.  Please also look at the events page for details of NW athlete development training dates.  Coaches/parents are encouraged to come along and get involved for experience even if they haven’t got swimmers involved as this is a development opportunity for both new and existing coaches.

Synchro Judging Courses

The NW Region are running a range of courses for those wishing to qualify to become a synchro judge at various levels, or to update their existing judging qualifications to move in line with the new grading structure.  Courses are being run at both levels – please see the chart below to ensure that you are applying to attend the correct type and level of course dependant on your current qualifications/experience.  Only qualifications for judging will count for level 2 courses.  If you previously hold an assessors’ qualification but no judging qualifications then you will need to attend the full Level 1 course.  The NW Region will refund the cost of the course for all those who attend on the day.

Please see the events pages for details of the individual courses.

Please direct any questions about the courses to Sarah Clarke.

Current Judging QualificationCourse to AttendWhat they can then judgeWhen course is available in the NWCourse Length

No judging qualificationFull level 1Grades 1,225th Feb – Leigh Sports Centrefull day£30
Basic JudgeLevel 1 update (advised but not compulsory)Grades 1,218th February – Leigh Sports Centremorning£10
Level 2 full courseGrades 1-511th March -Leigh Sports Centrefull day£30
Part of National Judge (1 or 2 sections)Level 2 update (advised but not compulsory)Grades 1-528th January – Broughton Poolmorning£10
(…and not confident/experienced)Level 2 full courseGrades 1-511th March -Leigh Sports Centrefull day£30
Full National JudgesLevel 2 update (advised but not compulsory)Grades 1-628th January – Broughton Poolmorning£10