It’s called ‘Synchronised Swimming’!

Yesterday the world governing body for synchronised swimming (FINA) decided to change the name of the sport to ‘Artistic Swimming’. Many in the synchro community are upset at this re-naming of their sport without consultation and feel that the new name does nothing to describe the ‘synchronisation’ that forms the foundation of the sport, and neither does it reflect the extreme athleticism, power, strength, flexibility and endurance that has come to be synonymous with the sport. If you wish to voice your opposition to this change of name, please sign the petition below:

CoPA Triumph at the Warwickshire Synchro Championships

It was a hugely successful day for CoPA yesterday at the Warwickshire Synchronised Swimming Championships in Walsall.  In the 12 & under figures, Natasha placed 3rd to gain a bronze medal and qualifying to swim solo, whilst Daisy finished 1st in the 13 – 15 figures, taking a gold and qualifying to swim solo.  Meanwhile, Rhea finished 2nd in the 15 – 18 figures, taking a silver and qualifying to swim solo.

The solo events yielded more medals with Daisy finishing 1st to take gold in the 13 – 15 age group, whilst Rhea finished 3rd in the 15 – 18 group to take a bronze.  Natasha narrowly missed the podium, finishing 4th in the 12 & under age group with the first swim of a brand new routine.

In the team combination events, the 13 – 18 team (Ana, Isabel, Olivia H., Olivia M., Evie, Izzy, Leah, Rhea and Daisy) took gold for an outstanding first place performance whilst the 12 & under team (Elizabeth, Nema, Sofia, Rachel, Imogen, Natasha, Lola, Jorja and Chloe) followed up with an impressive performance to take a 3rd place bronze medal.

Full results are below.  Photos and videos of the event can be found here for logged in CoPA members.

12 & Under Figures

13-15 Figures

12 & Under Combo

13-18 Combo