CoPA at the National Championships 2018

It was an action packed weekend as CoPA travelled to Nottingham to compete in the National Synchronised Swimming Championships 2018. Although there were no medals this time, our girls did themselves and CoPA proud with creditable placings in this highest level of domestic synchro competition in the UK.  Results are as follows:

  • Rhea & Leah finished 9th in the free duet
  • Rhea finished 11th in her tech solo
  • Rhea finished 15th in her free solo
  • The CoPA free combination team (Fiona, Isabel, Izzy, Leah, Olivia, Rhea and Tilly) finished 10th

Great work girls!

Videos of the routines can be seen here for logged in CoPA members.

Synchro National Age Groups 2017 – Great Results for CoPA

It was a fabulous weekend for CoPA at the synchro National Age Groups Championships in Gloucester.  At this top level national competition Daisy took the podium for two silver medals!  Credible results were also achieved by Rhea, Leah and the 12 & under “Little Monsters”.   Full CoPA results below.

  • 13 – 15 Age Group (175 competitors)
    Daisy placed second in figures and second in solo for two silver medals.
    Evie placed 126th in figures
  • 15 – 18 Age Group (83 competitors)
    Rhea placed 14th in figures, 10th in solo and 8th in duet (with Leah)
    Leah placed 43rd in figures and 8th in duet (with Rhea)
  • 12 & Under Age Group (129 competitors)
    Team: The ‘Little Monsters’ finished 10th (of 17 teams)
    Figures: Natasha finished 21st, Lola 76th, Sofia 83rd, Elizabeth 98th, Rachel 104th, Immy 111th, Nema 114th, Chloe 122nd and Abby 126th.

Well done girls – on with the 2018 routines now!

CoPA Master the Masters!

Saturday saw CoPA put in an outstanding performance at the National Synchro Masters Championships in Rugby.

  • Fiona took gold medals in both the technical and free solo categories in the 40-49 age group and also gained the highest score of the day for her free solo routine.
  • The team (Alex, Ellie, Eloise, Fiona and Sorcha) placed second for a silver medal in their 25-39 year age group combination team routine, missing out on the top spot by only 0.6 of a point!

Full results from the competition are available on the Swim England Synchro web site.

Fantastic work ladies.

CoPA Synchro Success at the North England Championships

The first ever Swim England North of England championships this weekend yielded some amazing results for City of Preston Aquatics:

  • Daisy impressed with 2 gold medals for her 13-15 figures and solo routine
  • Rhea took bronze medals for both figures and her 15-18 solo routine
  • Rhea and Leah gained silver medals for their 15-18 duet routine
  • The 12 & under free team (Natasha, Elizabeth, Immy, Abby, Lola, Chloe, Rachel, Sofia and Nema) were awarded a silver medal for their ‘Little Monsters‘ routine
  • The full 12 and under figure results were: Natasha 6th, Elizabeth 18th, Sofia 22nd, Immy 23rd, Lola 25th, Rachel 26th, Nema 28th, Abby 31st and Chloe 33rd.
  • Natasha finished 6th in her solo routine.
  • The 13-15 figures were: Daisy 1st and Evie 30th.
  • The 15-18 figures results were: Rhea 3rd and Leah 13th.

Videos of the routines can be found here for logged in members.

CoPA Success at North West Synchro Championships!

City of Preston Aquatics’ run of successful results continued today at the North West Synchronised Swimming Championships at Broughton:

  • In the 12 and under figures competition, Natasha finished 5th, Immy 13th, Sofia 14th, Elizabeth 20th, Abby 21st, Nema 22nd, Lola 24th, Chloe 25th and Jorja 26th.
  • Daisy took gold in the 13-15 figures, whilst Olivia M., finished 12th.
  • The 15-18 figures saw Rhea take a 2nd place silver and Leah finish 4th.
  • In the 13-15 solo event, Daisy took gold.
  • Rhea finished second for another silver in the 15-18 solos and Leah gained a bronze for her third place finish.
  • Rhea and Leah took gold for their 15-18 duet routine.
  • The 12 and under team (Natasha, Elizabeth, Jorja, Chloe, Nema, Abby, Sofia, Lola and Immy) picked up another gold medal for their already award-winning 2017 “Little Monsters” routine.
  • The 13-18 Combination Team (Daisy, Rhea, Leah, Ana, Isabel, Olivia H., and Olivia M.) took a gold medal for their “Fairground Freaks” routine.

It goes without saying that the entire CoPA family continues to be very proud of our swimmers.  Congratulations to them all on yet more well earned success.

CoPA Bring Home the Silverware from National Synchro Combo Cup

What an amazing day for City of Preston Aquatics yesterday as they took part in the first ever Swim England national synchronised swimming Combination Cup in Manchester.  The event attracted approximately 600 swimmers from clubs the length and breadth of the UK and CoPA entered two teams – in the 12 & under and 13 – 18 age groups.  Against this stiff competition, both CoPA teams finished second in their events to gain silver medals!

12 & under “Little Monsters” team: Elizabeth, Rachel, Nema, Immy, Sofia, Jorja, Lola, Chloe and Abby

13 -18 “Fairground Freaks” team: Rhea, Tilly, Daisy, Olivia M., Izzy and Leah

We are immensely proud of our swimmers – congratulations girls!

Lancashire Synchro Championships Results

It was a good day for City of Preston Aquatics in the Lancashire County Synchronised Swimming Championships on Sunday with medals being won across several categories and age groups.  The day commenced with a novice figures competition and saw CoPA produce a hat-trick of podium results: Nema (gold), Rachel (silver) and Daisy Royle (bronze).

In the solo events, Daisy Rushton claimed a gold for CoPA in the 13-15 age group whilst Elizabeth followed up with a silver in the 12 & under age group.  2nd and third places also went to Tilly (silver) and Rhea (bronze) for their routines in the 15 & over category.

Imogen and Nema took a silver in the 12 & under duets, whilst Evie and Isabel G. did the same in the 13-15 duets.  Another hat-trick of results for CoPA came in the 15 & over duet (although CoPA were the only club entering teams in this event!). The final standings were:  Tilly & Rhea (gold), Izzy & Leah (silver) and Olivia H. & Ana (bronze).

Finally, in the combination team events, CoPA took the top spot with their ‘Fairground Freaks‘ team (Daisy Rushton, Tilly, Leah, Rhea, Izzy, and Olivia M.),  (gold), with the ‘Little Monsters‘ (Elizabeth, Nema, Rachel, Abby, Lola, Jorja, Chloe, Daisy Royle, Sofia and Immy) also finishing a credible 4th.

Congratulations to all swimmers who took part, and thanks also to our friends from City of Salford, Kendal and Blackburn Synchronised Swimming Clubs for taking part and making the event a success.  Full results can be found here.