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You can support CoPA financially at no cost to yourself via Easy Fundraising simply by shopping online at thousands of retailers (e.g. Amazon, Tesco etc.) who have signed up to the Easy Fundraising programme.  These retailers will make a donation directly to CoPA as a thank you for shopping with them.  More information on how this works can be found at the Easy Fundraising web site.   You will need to create an account on the Easy Fundraising site in order that your shopping can count towards CoPA’s fundraising.

Create Account

Once you have created your account you will be offered a ‘Donation Reminder‘ and we highly recommend that you install this to ensure that all your online shopping (with supporting retailers) is eligible for CoPA’s fundraising.  You can install the donation reminder using the button below:

Get Donation Reminder

There is also an Easy Fundraising mobile app which can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  Although the app cannot use the donation reminder, you can use it to shop once you’ve logged in to your Easy Fundraising account with it.  Donations can then be collected for purchases made on mobile devices.


Alternatively you can also use the button below to start shopping now and support CoPA (if you have not installed the donation reminder you will need to use the button below each time before you shop in order for your shopping to count towards CoPA fundraising).  This will take you to the Easy Fundraising site from where you will be able to search for your chosen retailer before you do any online shopping.  If your chosen retailer is listed, CoPA will receive a donation from the retailers once you’ve shopped with them.

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